2017 Scholarship

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This year , the scholarship reach has extended to three schools including Khatirpur Bhaisa, Burgaon and Bhaisani. These neighborhood schools are now actively participating in the scholarship exams and send their brightest. There is a healthy competition within school to get better of the other.

This year also provided better communication within the local leaders who wanted to be part of the changes Joeys Foundation is bringing within the communities. The parents, local block leaders comes to this annual event to see first hand the exitement within the students and their determination to do better.

We send vehicles to bring student to Khatirpur school and set an exam for all to participate. The local teachers did the marking without knowing which student they are marking. The process was impartial and the objective to pick the student was much appreciated by the community. The parents were skeptic initially that corruption could lead to selecting specific students however we took all steps to negate any such attempt.

Local Memberof Parliament presented the scholarship to the students